Our leadership coaching services help empower people to succeed but don’t just take our word for it:

  • Lynne Cossman, PhD
    Inaugural Dean, College for Health, Community and Policy
    University of Texas at San Antonio

    Deb reached out to me within a month of a new role to see how I was managing to build a team in the pandemic. Her program was an essential part of building a connection with a new team operating in a virtual work environment. She also created a wonderful training program for our staff. Both programs were designed to improve how we work together successfully, taking into consideration our particular skills and foibles.

  • Cheryl Blake, SHRM-CP, PHR

    Former HR Director

    B&L Pipeco

    Deborah is a highly qualified and experienced professional coach. I worked with Deborah on a past leadership development project and we found her to be very flexible in her approach, style, and delivery. The material she delivered was relevant, progressive, and thought provoking. Employees at my company looked forward to attending her workshops and came away energized and with all sorts of new tools in their toolkit.

    I value Deborah’s integrity and dedication to her clients and would gladly work with her again if given the opportunity.


    Managing Director of the Media

    Innovation Center, West Virginia Univ.

    I hold three prominent leadership roles at West Virginia University and I can honestly say there has not been a more effective training session in leadership than the one offered and led by Deborah Degner at the Leadership Bridge. Deborah provided a ‘safe space’ for collaboration and self-awareness. I walked away with a better sense of my strengths and weaknesses and concrete examples to improve my leadership presence. I would recommend Deborah’s ‘Leadership and Coaching’ training to anyone who wants to make a positive impact in not only their work environment, but also in their personal life.


    Vice President

    Aethon Energy, Dallas TX

    Deb Degner is a passionate and effective leadership coach who was able to help me to be a more effective leader as attested to by my direct reports, peers, and supervisors who were polled before and after my leadership program.


    Event Planner

    APG Media of the Rockies 

    Deborah Degner was a featured keynote speaker, and workshop presenter, at a statewide women’s leadership and mentoring conference that I was the event planner for. Deb was a breeze to work with, and delivered an impactful message to the conference attendees. Her keynote, Leading through an Energetic Presence, left us hungry for more. She was the overwhelming favorite in the post conference evaluation, with one attendee noting: Deborah's morning presentation was interactive and incredibly helpful with remembering who's in charge of my success and my happiness, ME!

    I plan to have Deborah join us again in the future, and would recommend her to anyone looking to understand the importance of how we “show up” and what a BIG impact that can make.


    Former EVP & Office Manager

    Harper House

    Deb’s energy leadership program came at the perfect time for me. Not only did Deb present the information in an organized, understandable way, she also provided great insight into how to put these tools into practice. I would highly recommend this program, and specifically Deb, to anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills and understand themselves better.


    AR Coordinator

    B&L Pipeco Services


    Deb is an amazing person. She taught me so many tools and techniques that I have never heard of before. TFAR is a great one. All of the blockers were a great realization. MSU hit home for me as I find that I do this often. The need to stay in the present, along with all of her reasons why, and how to do so, were such an important part to me as well. As she says often, everything she teaches is simple but not necessarily easy. She has such a way of explaining things with detail and steps that make it possible to truly make changes in your every day life. I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this course. I do believe I will never forget some of the tools I have learned.


    Previous Executive Director

    West Virginia Oil & Gas Association

    Deb is a true leader in leadership training! She listens well and provides practical coaching advice that can be applied to any aspect in life - - not just career.


    Assistant Director of Admissions

    WVU SOM Professional and Undergraduate Programs

    Energy was very high by Deborah. It was the best 1.5 hours I have spent in a workshop.


    Previous Procurement Agent

    Noble Energy 

    Deb has helped me create and accomplish challenging career and personal objectives. She has coached, advised and motivated me to move out of my comfort zone and progress toward meaningful change. Obtaining these specific goals allowed me to grow not only in my career but in life. Her positive and energetic personality makes our working sessions an enjoyable experience. I would have never stepped up and challenged myself without the coaching from Deb. She has built a superb leadership coaching program that I wholeheartedly recommend to all executives, managers and high potential employees.


    Associate Vice President for Creative and Scholarly Activity, Professor of Psychology

    West Virginia Univ.

    I was originally a bit hesitant about the energy leadership approach, but have found it one of the most helpful, easy to use approaches that I have encountered. The energy leadership program resonates with me and is at the exact right level for senior leadership development. This is the best leadership training program I have attended in the last 10 years. Deb Degner is a skilled, wonderful coach and leader - she is very knowledgeable and her approach is open with the appropriate amount of challenge.


    I have worked with many coaches in my career. Deb is the best for many reasons. She has helped me on my journey with turning challenges into assets and weaknesses into strengths. She has guided me to look for opportunities for professional growth and life improvement. I really believe that Deb is uniquely qualified based on her previous endeavors in business plus life experiences. I would highly recommend Deb to those who are ready for a change and greatness!

  • Sally Harder

    AVP PM Technology

    LPL Financial

    Deb is a wonderful listener who has the ability to pull nuggets out of a conversation and turn them into meaningful examples to help reinforce learning. Through our work together, I am more able to accept what is and avoid becoming frustrated by things that I cannot change and I have a more positive outlook both personally and professionally.


    Director of the Center for Writing Excellence

    West Virginia Univ. 

    Deb Degner poses questions that foster reflection, conversation, and connection. Whether you are coordinating a team, developing a program, or sustaining your own growth, Deb is a great guide.

  • Jen Wood

    Director of University Relations

    West Virginia University Institute of Technology

    Through coaching, Deb has helped me focus on what I can control and letting go of what I can’t. It’s an ongoing process for me, but her coaching sessions help me stay on track. Every session helps me learn more about tackling difficult situations, learning new ways to approach my work or just a reminder to show myself grace and understanding. This has helped me in my professional work as well as my personal life. All of this increases my awareness and allows me to be more effective in my work and helpful to others.