Why Rebrand?

July 26, 2022 | By tlb_admin
Why Rebrand?

Why a Rebrand?

It’s a brand-new day at The Leadership Bridge!  We have been working diligently for over a year to rebrand the company and we have finally reached the last phase (at least for now) as we roll out our new website.  It feels like we birthed a baby and man is she pretty!

Why a rebrand you might ask? So many reasons.  I remember asking that same question many times over the years as companies with well-known logos spent millions of dollars developing new logos and brands in search of a new look or a new audience.  Now I get it!

For The Leadership Bridge, after over five years, it was simply time to align the brand with the way we do business.  When we built the first version, we built it to attract clients we didn’t have yet.  Although we could speculate about what our clients might look like back in November 2016, we really had no idea ultimately who we’d attract and begin working with at the time.  And truth be known, just like any new business, we had to build it and hope they would come.  And lucky for us, they did!

Since then, the business and who we work with has evolved and changed along with our experience, training and the way we serve clients.  It has been a fantastic ride so far and we are so excited to give you a chance to see how we operate and serve clients today and the experiences we have been a part of so far.

Here is what I see as the most relevant updates to our new look & feel:

–       Unique, fun and vibrant colors – what you will see with the unique colorful design work was purposefully selected to represent how we work with clients.  Every engagement is customized, unique and we hope a lot of fun.  I have a lot of energy especially when combined with my passion for the work I do and I feel like this brand shows up just like the company we have built.

–       New services and certifications– over the years we have added several tried-and-true certifications to round out a unique combination that provides a very comprehensive approach for how we work with clients.  Because of my addiction to learning, you can expect this list of qualifications will continue to grow so stay tuned.

–       Sharing client successes is a great way to allow prospective clients the ability to see what others have experienced by working with us.  We have added in several testimonials so you can hear directly from a wide variety of customers.

–       Leadership Bridge Intro Video – with the pace we all run, our attention spans are shorter and video is king.  Thanks to the masterminds at Preuve, the amazing digital brand company I hired to manage my rebrand, we put something together to reflect what we do and how we do it.  It was daunting and fun all at the same time.  Believe it or not, my comfort zone was completely rocked!

–       Last and likely most important, this brand just fits who I am as a business owner, entrepreneur, connector and coach.  It reflects my unique, hopefully memorable and always fun approach to how I help clients reach their goals.  Over the years, I have learned who my ideal clients are and how I can support them.  I’m no longer worried about my brand reaching or not appealing to all audiences.  I know for sure that this brand authentically represents our company and how we operate today.  When that connects to people and the timing is right, I hope to hear from them.

Special thanks to Sarah, Jon and Leah at Preuve for all your grueling hours cranking out this last piece and thanks to all my amazing clients.  I appreciate you and can’t wait to continue supporting you.

And for new visitors, if we haven’t worked together yet, let’s talk!