Tip #2 – Be Present

January 24, 2018 | By tlb_admin

Ever wonder what that means? It seems to be one of the latest, catchy phrases but until you have really tried to practice and experience the benefits of being in the moment, the importance might escape you.  I recently was distracted in yoga class as my mind wandered to my upcoming group coaching session at West Virginia University…and oh the irony……the topic I was coaching on…..you guessed it – being present! Ha.  Do as I say, not as I do J

What are the benefits to being present? It reminds us that really all we have is the present moment.  The past is something to learn from, reflect on and let go.  The future is unknown and uncertain.  So allowing yourself to fully focus on the here and now can be incredibly powerful.  When we are performing as a leader we need all our attention, energy and focus to be on this very moment.

Being a strong leader means bringing your attention to those who you are with and listening to understand and not to merely respond.  Can you recall speaking with someone who was truly listening to your words with interest and giving you their full attention? What impact did this have on you? Also recall how it feels when someone is half listening, looking over your shoulder or interrupting you to merely respond.  The difference is impactful.

One of the most genuine listeners I’ve ever encountered is Dave Rettig.  Dave has been a long-time friend from years ago and although we don’t talk often, I can still recall his genuine questions, intentional listening each time I spoke and how it made me feel to have his full attention.  He was a very busy man at the time but never made me feel less important than everything else that was buzzing around us at work.  Thank you Dave for inspiring me and for being present.

Who wins your award for being most present to you? Try to epitomize this trait and see the impact it has on you and others.