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Healthy Homebound Mindset Challenge – Day 5

March 20, 2020 | By tlb_admin
Healthy Homebound Mindset Challenge – Day 5

Part I – Your Mindset – Reflections on Week 1 – Wins, Never Agains and Let Us Begin! 

WE MADE IT THROUGH WEEK ONE.  Your challenge is to take time to celebrate what went right this week and determine what you want to do differently next week. Simple but strategic.  Toasting to what went well creates optimism and momentum for future possibilities which bolsters our healthy and productive mindset.  When we set goals and the only reward is the creation of a new goal, we rob ourselves of the very thing we were going for to begin with – feeling accomplished, excited, content and all the other emotions that drive our wellbeing.  When we celebrate and acknowledge our wins, our brains connect the happy hormone dots in a neurological high-five and wants to do it again and keep going!

Reflecting on the do overs or fails is also important with reasonable boundaries.  We want to reflect on what didn’t work so we can learn from it, create a new choice that will serve us better and then MOVE ON.  Learn and let go.  Hanging on to frustration, regrets, guilt, etc. only keeps us in the past which we can’t change.  Keep your energy in what you can do differently going forward.  This is what we control.

Today, make a list of celebrations and learnings and jot out a few things (keep it short!) that you want to accomplish next week.  Ask yourself – what will be different for you when these things are accomplished. I can’t wait to hear!


Part II – Giving to Others – Commit to buying at least one meal this weekend from a local restaurant that is providing take out.  Consider a generous tip, encouraging words or a card of some sort.  As giving and loving people, you already know their appreciation will give back to you tenfold.  Happy weekend! Get down with your bad and forced-family-alone- time- fun -selves!