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Healthy Homebound Mindset Challenge – Day 3

March 18, 2020 | By tlb_admin
Healthy Homebound Mindset Challenge – Day 3


March 18, 2020

Creativity is our theme today.  The challenge is to make a list of 1-2 creative, unique or brave strategies you want to try that will enhance your current job, help you connect with your ideal career, or merely connect you in a way that creates a spark of excitement, focus and joy!*. This might be writing out your craziest idea for a business that you want to create.  This could be approaching a boss or colleague about a business idea or proposal that isn’t hatched yet or high risk/high reward.  This is reaching deep to what you’ve been afraid to think or say out loud.

Designed Distraction – Here’s what we are going for.  We are going to use distraction like a weapon and build a healthy, productive distraction from the chaos.  Make your list and see what happens and what it provides for you!

**See below for more research-based focus areas to impact our world that should be driving our innovation and business ideas.  This can be very helpful in generating and validating ideas!

*For those who can’t seem to move out of overwhelm/fear of the unknown, this is understandable and perfectly normal.  I was there yesterday, and we will all be on this roller coaster.  Trying today’s challenge can help if you need a push out of your head.  If not today, acceptance is your friend and you can consider again tomorrow. And then the next day….. J

Part II – Giving to others:  It has been amazing seeing our big world get smaller as we all huddle up and rethink connection.  So many people are going above and beyond to help others and stay connected.  Today, reach out in some way to a healthcare provider to share the love, gratitude, and support for their commitment and hard work.  Even if they aren’t on the front lines, they work with those who likely are.  Flooding them with endorphins will have a cumulative effect and hopefully spread faster than stupid COVID 19.

**Creative Thinking to Enhance Your Career and World – This list was compiled prior to COVID 19 but still very accurate for our world needs.  Brainstorming these ideas can create a spark in your creative brainstorming as you think about what you want to do and how you want to impact the world, big or small.  This list is from the book, Your Creative Mind:  How to Disrupt Your Thinking, Abandon Your Comfort Zone and Develop Bold New Strategies by Scott Cochrane.  I happen to love this book!

Scott focuses on five major world challenges that play a significant role in shaping our future.  How do your talents and ideas impact these areas? What are you doing to create more of this and what can you do to differentiate yourself from others in your competitive space? Can you integrate several of these areas in your strategy?

Connectivity – this one is obvious in light of our lives right now

Disease, Injury, and Aging – Again, obvious given our world now.  I am wondering how one could use technology to connect senior citizens more during this time.

Dealing with Information Overload – I love the idea of helping with this and unsure how to do that except brevity, relevance, and persistence. I haven’t mastered brevity. LOL.

Increased Automation – How do we create a balance between this and connection?

Meeting the demands of the bold new world – this one makes me think about our role in the post-COVID 19 world and how we can provide a product, skill or connection to our empowered and stronger world.

Please, feel free to visit The Leadership Bridge LinkedIn page to discuss and comment on the challenge and how you’ll be participating.