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Healthy Homebound Mindset Challenge – Day 2

March 17, 2020 | By tlb_admin
Healthy Homebound Mindset Challenge – Day 2


March 17, 2020

Challenge Reminder – Created for those trying to balance working remotely, homebound stir -crazy kids, uncertainty, fear, a media barrage and all the other things running through your world and mind.  Created to help us remain connected, allow us to focus on work as much as possible and provide tips for a healthy mindset in an extremely challenging time.

Challenge Rules:  I post a simple, daily healthy mindset challenge.  Part I focuses on your mindset and Part II focuses on giving to others. Participants comment each day on what they accomplished through the previous day’s challenge.  Timeframe TBD (like our social distancing requirements) and a donation will be given in the names of active participants to their charities of choice.  Please join the challenge along the way anytime!

Today’s Challenge:  

Part I – Your Mindset – Acceptance as you find your way through this temporary new norm.  With all the distractions, you likely don’t feel productive, sane or able to truly concentrate on work.  Well, duh.  Chill out.  It would be nearly impossible for us to transition immediately to working a normal day.  Trust that we will all find our new work pace, and this will take time.

For now, set yourself up to accomplish just three key things each day for your work.  Write this out on a sticky note and get to getting.  Just three things you are likely saying…. Yes, three.  Start there.  It’s better than the handwringing we do when we set out to unrealistically accomplish ten things during this crazy time and instead get stuck in distraction or overwhelm and barely accomplish anything.  Three wee things people.  Try it! When you build momentum, who knows what you will accomplish! But for now, go for three and see how you do.

Important reminder – there is no room for guilt when we accept.  Do your best.  You are likely balancing a lot of new challenges and your best might look different right now and accepting that will keep you in the present.  Guilt or frustration for what you aren’t doing “right” keeps us in the past and we can’t change the past.  Stay present and accept you are doing your very best.

Part II – Giving to Others Challenge – reach out to one small business owner to check in, listen or purchase something from them if possible. I have a friend who just bought a new retail space she was expanding to vendors booths.  I will check it to see what brainstorming I can help with to create unique survival sales strategies.

Check in on previous day: As a knowledge junkie, I had been spending way too much time getting the new number of cases and updates on a regular basis. I’ve stepped away from the TV and social media updates and – man – what a world of difference!  A daily update is more than sufficient at least for now.  I also made a few calls to check in on elderly family members and connect with friends experiencing other challenges in addition to the COVID 19 challenge.  Feeling refreshed and grateful.

Please, feel free to visit The Leadership Bridge LinkedIn page to discuss and comment on the challenge and how you’ll be participating.