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Healthy Homebound Mindset Challenge – Day 8

March 23, 2020 | By tlb_admin
Healthy Homebound Mindset Challenge – Day 8

Part I – Your mindset – Today, we will be creating a silver-lining focus to help offset the inevitable draw of our attention to the uncertainty that we are living through.  The highs and lows are inevitable.  Creating focuses that draw our attention to possibilities can create healthy distractions that can lead to greater productivity, success and happiness.  What are the opportunities that could come out of the COVID 19 saga for you at work or personally? For today’s mindset challenge, create a “Prevailing Over Pandemic” silver lining list.  Here are a few ideas to get you going:

For work:

  • Does remote work mean fewer meetings and more strategic planning time? What can you do to utilize this time to come out stronger? Set some goals & next steps.
  • Is there a client or colleague you can create a greater connection to during this time?
  • If you are looking to expand or diversify your business, brainstorm the needs of your target audience and determine what you can provide that can support them through the pandemic fog or allow them to be prepared when the fog lifts.
  • Question the temptation to put life on hold right now.  Even if we have to hit pause on some projects, what can we do to be prepared when we are able hit the gas again?
  • What training can you take advantage of right now?

On a personal level:

  • What virtual exercise programs can you take advantage of right now?
  • Never a better time to clean out the office, closets, etc.  How can you involve the fam and make it fun?
  • What are you doing to remember to have fun and laugh? How can you inspire this with others struggling right now?
  • Been slipping on meditation (me!) or gratitude lists? Never a better time to create new habits that create more anabolic energy.
  • What is your greatest need right now and how can you share this with your family? What are theirs and how can you support them?
  • What family habits and interactions can you create now that you want to continue when our “normal” lives resume?
  • Create a “COVID Can’t Touch This” Playlist and share it!

As you put your list together notice your energetic shift.  How can you recall this when you hit the natural lows? Remember that you have everything you need to remain in the driver seat of your mindset.  You’ve got this and I am cheering you on every step!

Part II – Giving to Others – Today, we focus on giving back and showing appreciation for public servants.  This is a very broad group of people and their service to us has pushed way beyond traditional norms.  Many are working extended hours and firefighters, policemen and women are being exposed regularly to potentially sick people with limited protection.  Elected officials are on the firing line of endless criticism and scrutiny trying to make decisions rapidly to address the ever-changing needs and demands.  Reach out to them and help remind others they are making the best decisions given what they know at each juncture.  It is all any of us can do.  Happy Hump Day!