Mission statement

To empower business leaders to reach their full potential



Through her company, The Leadership Bridge®, Deb works with executives, managers, and academic leaders to develop their leadership skills.  She customizes her coaching approach using three proven programs:  Energy Leadership™, Emotional Intelligence (EQi.2.0) and Conversational Intelligence®.  Deb’s passion for leadership development and these proven curricula are delivering impactful and lasting results for individuals and group training participants alike.  

Prior to her executive coaching career, Deb spent more than twenty years as a business leader in the public and private sectors.  She spent ten years leading public and government relations initiatives and teams in the oil and gas industry.  Throughout her career, she has served on numerous community and industry boards and has enjoyed leadership roles in various capacities.

Deb’s diverse work background allows her to serve a broad list of clients.  She worked in the telecommunications industry and worked for several federal and state elected officials in multiple states and in Washington, D.C.  She has experience in sales and marketing for private and non-profit organizations. Her knowledge and experience managing productive teams and  setting and achieving goals allows her to connect, relate and understand the demanding jobs and responsibilities of her clients.



Big picture thinking and being able to lead others strategically is critical for leaders.  Deb has years of experience developing and implementing successful strategic plans and projects.  She has built diverse, collaborative initiatives and teams to work toward common goals.  From successful community college programs to legislative and regulatory initiatives, she knows how to create and find the right synergies between stakeholders, companies and organizations. Thinking creatively about new approaches to old challenges is her preferred way of tackling any task. Using her expertise as a strategic leader benefits clients and partners interested in developing strategic approaches to their careers and everyday work.



One of Deb’s signature strengths for business success is her enthusiastic approach which fuels her determination and drive. She is highly motivated by challenges and will work tirelessly to help clients reach their goals. Deb’s energetic focus and presence allow her to create a dynamic and supportive connection with clients.  Keeping momentum going, motivating others and remaining focused on the end goal are qualities she brings to every team and client working with The Leadership Bridge.



The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Arts – Political Science

Coaching Certification
& Advanced TRAINING

Professional Certified Coach - International Coach Federation
Certified Professional Coach - the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching™ (IPEC)
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Emotional Intelligence - EQi 2.0 Assessment
Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Skills Practitioner
COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist™


EQI 2.0 Certification
Core Dynamics Specialist
ELI Practitioner

Leadership Training and Awards

Certified Professional Coach - the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) 
Energy Leadership Award – Pittsburgh Business Times
Carnegie Mellon University Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Women
EnCana Leadership Training – Banff Learning Center
PEAK Leadership Program at EnCana
Leadership Wyoming
US WEST Public Policy President’s Club 




We are honest and committed to earning and maintaining trust.  We honor confidentiality and epitomize trustworthy behavior.


We honor the importance of having fun at work and in life.  We choose optimism over cynicism and are committed to being beacons of positive energy.


Our actions and words reflect respect for all partners.  Diverse backgrounds and perspectives make us better.


We empower clients to create and own their own results.  We hold ourselves accountable to exceptional services and expect the same of all our partners.